Saturday, January 28, 2012

Very Hungary Caterpillar Cake

The is the last cake of the January baby boy birthday cakes from playgroup.  The theme of the party is based off of the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", and so is the cake.  Happy Birthday Timmy!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mickey Mouse Cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Chase!  The Mickey hat at the top of the cake is Chase's smash cake! 

Winter ONEderland Snowman Cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Eric!  What a perfect theme for a snowy birthday party.  Snowman is made out of rice crispies and the little snowman cake is baby Eric's smash cake. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Cake!

This was for a playgroup friend's birthday party.  My favorite is the honey pot.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

My little guy turned 1 on December 29th.  It's amazing how quickly a year can fly by.  Seems like yesterday I was holding this brand new, tiny baby and then the next thing I know I'm preparing for his birthday party and making his birthday cake!  We went with a Winter ONE-derland themed party.  I absolutely loved his cake.

Happy Birthday!

Ginger Cake!  Made this for my SIL's 30th Birthday.  It's made to look like her labordoodle Ginger. 

This is the first birthday cake I made my husband.  He's a Harley guy. 

And the 2nd birthday cake I made my husband.  I don't remember where we got the idea to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich but I made one. 

Coach purse cake. 

My husband's 30th birthday cake.  This is probably my favorite.

Grooms Cakes!

Made this for my brother's wedding.  He's a cartographer so I thought this was perfect.

LSU football helmet cake.  First time I've ever tried to make a football helmet.  Good thing my hubby had a mini helmet to help me for inspriation.

E-A-G-L-E-S!  Made this for my friend's wedding!

Wedding & Wedding Anniversary!

I'm cheating by adding this.  This was my final project for my wedding cake class...and it's a styrofoam cake.  I still love it. 

My first real wedding cake! 

Wedding anniversary - It's a replica of where the couple got married. 

Wedding Showers!

Rose cupcakes for my best friend's wedding shower

Cupcake bouquet that I was tricked into making for my own wedding shower. 

Wine basket.  The background is horrible and I stuck an empty bottle on for the picture.  I love this cake.

Cinderella Cake. 

Baby Showers

I don't have many baby shower cakes yet but I do love the cakes that I've made.  Can't wait to make more so start having babies people!
Jungle baby shower cake - made to match the nursery decor

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Cake

Turtle Baby Shower Cake for my SIL's bay shower - made to match my nephew's nursery

Baby Phillies Phantaic Cake!  Perfect cake for a Phillies Phan!

Happy Birthday Babies!

1st Birthday cakes can be simple but they can also be a big deal.  I like to think of them as big deals.  Here are some of the 1st Birthday cakes I've made in the past.
Hugs & Stiches Birthday Cake

Leopard Print Birthday Cake

Cookie Monster Birthday & Smash Cake

Seasame Street Birthday Cake & Abby Smash Cake

Older Cakes: The Good & The Bad

I don't even know why I'm posting some of these cakes.  Maybe to give an idea of how much I've improved.  Oh well, here are the early cakes...
 Poker Birthday Cake                 Birthday Beach Cake  
Easter Cake

                                 Wedding Shower Cake                           Beer Cake 

                                  Baseball Cake                               Another Baseball Cake
                          An attempt to turn my house                Christmas House Cake
                          into a cake

Welcome to my world of cakes!

I tried blogging a couple of times but it turned out to be an epic fail.  I just don't think I'm the "blogger" type.  So why am I starting another blog now?  I want a centralied location where I can post all of the cakes that I make so when friend asks me "can you do this" I can sa, "Sure, I've made a cake like that already.  You can go to my blog to check it out".  Or if a friend of a friend wants me to make a cake, they can just come here to view my work.  Maybe I'll actually write things about making cakes if I one day decide to take my blogging to the next level, who knows.  For right now I'll probably just post pictures. 

A little bit about me: I'm a stay at home mom taking care of my 1 year old and have another baby on the way due in June.  I used to be an accountant and one day decided to go to culinary school for baking & pastries instead of going to get my MBA in accounting.  I made this decision because my mom had always been an excellent cake decorator and I wanted to learn as well.  I decided to go to culinary school instead of just taking cake decorating classes at the local craft store because my dream is to one day own and operate a cake shop, so I wanted to learn everything I could about baking, pastries and decorating.  Hopefully one day that dream will come true but for now I am content being the go-to cake decorator for family, friends, and friends of friends.