Monday, March 18, 2013

Monster High Cake

I was asked to make a Monster High cake. Um...what? I had no clue what Monster High even was. My client sent me over some pictures of ideas for the cake and I instantly got excited. I have a small obsession with skulls, I don't know why, they're cool. So I was happy that I got to make one on a cake. I love, love, LOVE this cake. And, just like my birthday cake, I had 0 problems making it! I don't remember what the flavors are, but I'm sure it was delicious.

Happy Birthday to ME!

I recently turned the big 3-0. I really wanted an 80s themed party and wanted my cake to be a big center piece of the party. Not only did the cake come out perfectly, but I also had 0 problems while making the cake. Seriously. I always have a stressful moment or a mini meltdown when I make a cake because it always happens that something doesn't go according to plan. Not this time. It was great. We celebrated my birthday with friends and family at our house. The cool kids dressed up and the boring ones didn't (just kidding, I love you all). It was a great night and I wouldn't have wanted to ring in my 30s any other way.

Here I am, in all of my 80s glory.  

Me and my sister

My mom and me
My husband, a.k.a. Mr. T

Look at my little man.  Can he be any cooler? 
And my other little man.  Perfect rock star.

Now to my cake! Let's start with the flavors. Bottom tier is a chocolate chip cake with chocolate chip cookie dough filling. Middle tier is chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. Top tier, which is the boom box, is a funfetti cake with funfetti filling. It was delicious if I do say so myself, and I normally don't eat cake, especially cakes that I make (it's a weird thing I have I guess since I put so much time into them). What you can't see in this picture is the Pac Man scene that goes around the back of the bottom tier. I also have a cassette tape on the right hand side of the middle tier, and a sparkly Michael Jackson glove on the left side of the middle tier. I know I have pictures of them somewhere, so I'll update this if I find them. 


I was asked to make a Metallica themed cake for a rehearsal dinner by an old friend from college.  I don't really know much about Metallica, other than the fact that I like a bunch of their songs, so the bride really helped me out with the idea for this one.  We settled on a cake to look like their ninga star.  I love the way it turned out!  The cake is funfetti with a funfetti filling - one of my new favorite flavors! 

2nd Birthday Boom!

Once again, there was a boom in cakes in January for all of my son's friend's birthdays.  It was a busy couple of weeks with some other cakes thrown in between the birthday cakes, but I am so happy that I had a lot to make to keep me busy. 

I don't feel like writing much, so I'll keep this short and simple. We have a Disney Cars themed cake, a 2 year old train theme, and Elmo!

And of course, I can't forget my little guy's birthday (saving the best for last). We only had a small pizza party with immediate family, so I didn't want to make a big cake. He is obsessed with this cartoon on the Disney Junior called "Special Agent Oso", so that's the cake that he got.  I wasn't sure if I had done the characters properly, especially since I think Oso was a little off, but he loved it and knew what it was right away, and that's all that matters!